Work carried out in Hekimoğlu Döküm R&D Department;

– The product data coming from the customers are opened with the Solidworks program and the model is designed.
– In our CNC machines we produce models, core boxes and casting tools are prepared.
–In the absence of product data and reverse engineering during the product development phase, casting datalies are created using the 7-axis MEASURING SOLUTION and INTEGRATED LASER SCANNING SYSTEM.
– FMEA and fault-tolerance (poka-yoke) are given priority in engineering studies.

Our investments in the direction of our Strategic Plans and our annual budget continue in short and long term. Our recent investments;

-Remote Controlled Automatic Casting Pot
-Automatic Immunization System (MSI FOSECO)
-HWS Automatic 4. Cooling Line (to increase mold cooling time)
-Sandblasting Machine (8 turbine hangar, 15 ton/h)

Process and product-based continuous improvement efforts are being undertaken to reduce costs;

– Process Development, SMED (pattern yield),
– Increasing of model and mold efficiency,
– Reduction of excessive burrs that can extend the process time in the slag,
– Reduction of wastage rates,
– Energy-saving,
– Bringing the OEE value to the targeted value,
– Increasing line speed
– Reduction of external error rates
– Reduction of spade construction time