At our establishment, a new casting fabricate has been consctructed on 30.000m land, 20k open area, 10k closed area, at 2003. Our new fabricate started the production at 2006. In our advanced technology fabricate, sfero and cast iron parts between 8-400kg are produced in high quality.


• Our machineries and equipments
• HWS Fully Automatic Moulding Lines : 1.250 mm x 1.000 mm x 350 / 350 Moulding Line ;Kapasitesi: 100 mold / hour
• 4 pieces 6.000 kg capacity Inductotherm Induction Furnace
• KÜNKEL WAGNER Fully Automatic Sand Preparation Facilities
• Sand System: 160 Ton / Hour Sand Preparation Facilities
• Fully Automatic Casting System
• GENERAL KINEMATICS High Capacity Wobble
• PANGBORN Kontin Cleaning Units
• ASKILI Cleaning Cabin


To serve our customers’ demand, we established a model and core box manufacturing facility which contains 2 CNC Bench as well.

MAGMA Programme is used to make the simulations of casting.

Our Fully Automatic Core Machines which changes between 10lt and 60lt produce materials by Cold Box and Shell Core method.

Our machineries and equipments;
• RÖPPERWERK 40 Lt. Core Machine ( 2 pieces )
• ARABAMENDİ 20 Lt. Core Machine ( 1 piece )
• PROTEK 40 lt Core Machine (1 piece)
• PROTEK 25 lt Core Machine (1 piece)
• PROTEK 60 lt Core Machine (1 piece)
• SHELL 10 lt Core Machine (2 pieces)
• Dipping ve Repelling Core Colouring Facilities
• Core Drying Facilities


Great part of the casting pieces in the after casting fettling section are grinded by CNC Grinding Benches untouched in our Facility which has a fluent and easily be reconned production process.
With suspensory colouring and drying system, colourable pieces are preapared to be delivered.

Our machineries and equipments;
• CNC Grinding Units
• MAUS Automatic Grinding Systems
• MAUS Robotic Grinding Systems
• Grinding Brenches


Every product that has been produced in our facilities are tested chemical and physically and ultraconic and charging units are archived according to the standarts.Analysis evaluations, micro-structure controls, toughness tests, severances and prolongation tests are being made in every pot.

If it is wished, leaking tests and notch impact tests are being made as well.

ROMER Scanning device is used to measure the pieces.

2 pieces of 3-D Measuring devices are avaliable for other measurements.


Suspensory dyeing plant and paint drying furnace is available in order to serve customers’ demands.


Our products are packed with VCI bag and paper system and EURO pallets and delivered via land and sea from Trabzon.