About Us

Hekimoğlu Corporate Group

Hekimoğlu Corporate Group is an organization which has gained the trust of the largest companies, both domestic and foreign, in the Automotive sector by combining its advanced technology, experience over 50 years and the effort of Turkish labour.

Taking it as a principle to manufacture best quality goods and fulfil our commitments since the establishment, our group is delighted to meet domestic and foreign demands. Established in 1975, Hekimoğlu Casting Industry implements sphero, peak material casts by cutting-edge technology.

In addition to its domestic customers, Hekimoğlu exports to Germany, Russia, Libya, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Persia, Egypt, Poland, Bulgaria, Iraq, India, Italy, Hungary, Dubai, South Africa, France, Holland, UAE, Brazil, USA, Austria, Georgia, Finland, Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom and Nigeria as well.

In its two different manufacturing plants with 65.000 tons of cast capacity annually, parts between 5 kg and 3000 kg are casted through two fully automatic moulding line. In addition to system mentioned above, hand moulding and resinous sand moulding systems provide support to the whole production system.