Celal HEKİMOĞLU (1936-2017)

Founder of Hekimoğlu Corporate Group

Being established as a bolt and stud manufacturing factory by Celal Hekimoğlu at 1960, Hekimoğlu Casting Industry maintains its development in the casting industry through years by its 1st Casting factory founded in 1976, manufacturing facility in machining factory in 1984 and 2nd Casting factory founded in 2006.

“Before judging my life, wear my shoes and the pass through the roads, the streets, the obstacles and  the sorrow I’ve been through, stand the pain and taste the joy I’ve tasted, muster the years I’ve mustered, face the obstacles I’ve faced, stand up again as I have, pass every road again as I’ve passed , only then you may judge me…”

A doyen who born in 1936 at Subaşı Village, finished only the elemantry school due to financial struggles, started his career as a mechanic and established a company that exporting to the world’s leading branches such as Scania, Volvo, Daimler Mercedes, Ford Otosan, Zf, Jost by courtesy of his courage, righteousness, faith and dedication.

A man who has no passion for money but produce, did not choose easy but hard all the time, considered his promises as word of honour, dedicated to his work, wife and family. A man who said ‘’I take my power through my faith’’ and prohibited arrogance and pride and struggled not for himself but for his country, his nation, his flag. A faithful, believer and Atatürk lover man.

We miss you very much…