Human Resources

Human Resources


Analyzing the organization’s present and future needs in order to reach Hekimoğlu Döküm’s strategic goals and sustain its leadership in the sector, to provide a reliable, fast moving organizational structure and to establish a system that will develop the most suitable human resources for these needs.


“Our employees are more important than anything.”

  • To maintain the knowledge, skills and competencies of our highly qualified employees of our company which always aims to win, giving importance to customer-oriented, responsible for collecting and ethical values, and to improve the knowledge, skills and competencies of our employees by creating a work environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees. to become the most preferred company in the sector and to maintain this position by ensuring that they continuously demonstrate superior performance.
  • Our customer-focused approach is to place the right people in the right jobs, to choose the high potentials within our company, to make improvements in various business branches with rotation applications, to evaluate performance with performance management system, to make career planning with assignments and to maintain our long term cooperation with our employees.