As a leading company in its region, Hekimoğlu Döküm strives to reduce energy consumption and costs without compromising product and service quality and to increase its long-term environmental and economic sustainability. Hekimoğlu Döküm has adopted the principle of respect for “human beings and the environment they live in” in all processes related to Casting, Machining, and E-Coating. In this perspective, we commit to the following:

  • To ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve goals and energy targets.
  • To meet applicable legal and other requirements regarding energy efficiency, energy usage, and energy consumption.
  • Continuous improvement of energy performance and Energy Management System.
  • To support the supply of energy-efficient products and services that affect energy performance.
  • To support design activities that support the improvement of energy performance.
  • To ensure the development of energy awareness of employees, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders throughout the organization